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About Ma Bear

    Welcome to my personal journey into the art world of quilting.


Crafting memories, one quilt at a time. Specializing in creating custom, handmade quilts that will become treasured heirlooms for your family.

headshot of Ma Bear Deborah White

I was raised in a family of sewists and quilters.  My maternal grandmother was a tobacco farmer’s wife.  I spent many a summer on the farm, watching her quilt “blankets” on a large wooden frame in the middle of the family gathering room. 

My mother was a dressmaker, a tailor, and a talented sewist in short, with a degree from now-defunct Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, VA.  She was an entrepreneur operating her own dress shop in the heart of  Historic Jackson Ward (Richmond, VA) for over 25 years before retiring. Early on, she taught me how to sew, making doll clothes from the shop fabric scraps.

That was over 55+ years ago. Today, I still have three of my grandmothers' handmade quilts that were passed down to me.  

I am taking my quilting journey one stitch at a time, creating and sharing stories with the fabric of life. Join me as I navigate this journey!

Deborah (Ma Bear) White

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